SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 Crack With Activation Code Free Download

SQLBackupAndFTP automatically backs up the SQL server database. The software is packaged and encrypted for backup and stored on the network or FTP server (depending on the version). Enter a variety of free, simple, standard, or professional versions. The free version offers the fewest features. You can set up temporary folders, that is, folders that are saved for a limited time only. This is especially useful if you often deal with large projects, and these projects can be dropped after a while. Besides, one of your backups can be compressed into a zip file, thus reducing the amount of download. This means that the speed of downloading and uploading backup files is much improved, and this provides additional security as you may choose to create a password for the compressed folder. If, for some reason, unauthorized people have their backup files, they will not be able to access those files because they are password protected.

SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 Crack With Activation Code Free Download

SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 Crack With Activation Code Free Download

SQLBackupAndFTP Crack allows you to back up a SQL Server or SQL Server Express database. The backup can be done to a zip file, network, or FTP server. SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 crack also allows you to automatically delete old backups and send emails to confirm the success or failure of the operation. Also, the program is entirely free and must be installed on the server. You can customize the feature even in the compression settings, among other things. You can choose to compress the file to a .zip, .zip file (7-zip engine), or .7z file. These additional features are just another indicator of the level of program development. When storing data in MS SQL, you need to make sure you have backed it up. Over the years, Time Matters has performed rather poorly with effective backup solutions. The transaction advisor usually looks for alternatives outside the program, and many of us are happy to find SQLBackupAndFTP. Although the internal backup feature has been enhanced in the latest version of Time Matters, SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 license cannot be compared to the features offered by SQLBackupAndFTP. When such a powerful and free massive solution exists, it is still not justified to use an internal backup solution. This is excellent software for some reasons, but they mainly offer a free version, which can be enough for users who have problems most of the time. At OTB, we use the paid version because we need to back up more than two databases, we need an extended online storage alternative, and we want to encrypt the backup. However, if you only need to back up Time Matters and other databases, this is free. Most servers provide database backup features on cPanel, but these features are limited and do not provide compression mode, unique location, and regular backup.


  • Back up the database
  • Compressed backup
  • Backup locally (or on a local network)
  • Send a backup to the FTP server.
  • Send confirmation by email.
  • Schedule backup, Zip and FTP tasks
  • Use the “Run Now” button to back up an unlimited number of databases.
  • Remote (script) database backup
  • SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 backs up specific files and folders and allows you to encrypt and store your backup on a network, FTP server, or “cloud” using Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and more. Using. SQLBackupAndFTP can also send appropriate messages via email to notify users of actions or errors.

SQLBackupAndFTP 12.3.11 Crack With Activation Code Free Download

What’s New:

  • It is best to choose a third-party database management tool to perform day-to-day database management tasks.
  • You can easily design and save your database using a complete database management tool, SQLBackupAndFTP.
  • The tool provides a simple SQL backup database and allows the process of restoring the SQL database from a backup.


  • You can back up multiple locations, such as local drives, FTP servers, and Dropbox.
  • For all types of automatic backups, an email notification system must be checked.
  • Time users know that there is no “support” file in the MS SQL database. SQLBackupAndFTP can back up these files.


  • Restrictions on the unregistered version
  • A 15-day trial period for the professional version
  • The free version is limited to 2 planned database backups.
  • Lite version 5 is limited to scheduled database backups.

Installation instructions:

  1. Use the key generator to download the full text of SQL Backup and FTP v8.2.12.
  2. Unzip the installation file.
  3. Open the core_keygen software and generate a license key for SQL backup and FTP.
  4. Copy the Activation  Code, then go to Help> Activation  Code> Paste in Copy  Activation  Code.
  5. Now the free version of SQL has all become a professional version.


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