Virtual Safe Professional Crack+Activation Key Free Download

Virtual Safe Professional Crack+Activation Key Free Download

Virtual Safe Professional Crack+Activation Key Free Download


Virtual Safe Professional encrypts data and protects it against spying by unauthorized persons. After creating virtual safe, relevant documents, password files, or personal data can be stored in the assigned secure directory. Virtual Safe Professional also includes a built-in backup manager – the software automatically creates backups when the safe is opened or closed. Users can define backup locations and intervals.

The application automatically backs up your virtual inboxes and prevents them from being lost. Of course, you can manage this app feature as needed. Do you want to archive your data securely? By downloading Virtual Safe Professional, you can divide your data into smaller pieces and encrypt them. You can also delete files permanently. This feature makes the deleted files unusable in any data recovery program. In addition to encrypting files in folders, you can lock them.

Virtual Safe Professional Crack only uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the most secure symmetric encryption mechanism currently available, to encrypt data. Users can choose between AES-128 (up to 16 characters per key) and AES-256 (up to 32 characters per core). This software is capable of creating automatic backups of virtual safes. Operations and intervals can be configured in Backup Manager. This saves the safe on the external hard drive to prevent data loss from the internal hard drive. It does not rule out further damages caused by third parties: the use of automatic backups can guarantee security.

All in all, if you want to have a virtual Safe Professional on your computer that can easily lock files, you should try Virtual Safe Professional. It can even be said that the penetration rate and economic value of mobile devices, along with their compact appearance, is that mobility, due to the lack of proper anti-theft mechanisms, leads to frequent theft. Currently, there is only damage control work, such as remotely wiping the device memory or GPS tracking, but the user is not notified in case of theft. We propose a mechanism that takes advantage of unique walking patterns inherent in humans to study our work. With other walking behaviors by using it as the first-order authentication and developing a matching method fast enough to act as a real anti-theft system. Distinguish

Virtual Safe Professional Crack

It is extremely modular in design with well defined internal programming interfaces and client/server design. This makes it easy to control multiple interfaces at once. For example, you can start a virtual machine in a typical virtual machine GUI and then control the computer from the command line or remotely. It also comes with a complete software development kit – even if it’s open-source software, you don’t have to hack the source code to write a new interface.

You can then easily divide the safe into sections and place them on an online storage device or disk for ease of use. The data can only be repositioned with the help of all clips in the main control section and the safe. Virtual Safe Professional puts lots of random error bytes in various parts, making it almost impossible to decrypt the data again. Of course, without the central region, you know exactly where to find the error bytes.

By using the built-in shredder, you can destroy individual files and directories. These files can no longer be restored with any data recovery program. BTW: When the safe is closed, temporarily stored data can be shredded automatically—description of the virtual machine in XML. The configuration settings for the virtual machine are entirely stored in XML and have nothing to do with the local computer. Therefore, definitions of virtual machines can be easily ported to other computers.

Virtual Safe Professional Crack+Activation Key Free Download


  • VirtualSafe Professional can be started automatically from Windows and hidden in the tray.
  • Safe combination: combine any number of pieces with a safe in the MASTER PART file.
  • Backups are automatically created when certain operations occur.
  • Integrated shredder – destroy any number of files or folders.
  • Create a backup manually with Backup Manager.
  • Use a key/password of up to 32 characters.
  • Secure Division – Divides the safe into any number of parts.
  • Set the interval at which backups are created.
  • Create as many large virtual safes as possible.
  • Change the password for the virtual safe.


  1. Windows XP, Windows 8, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, others

How to install?

  1. Double click VirtualSafe to enter the software installation wizard.
  2. Click Next to select the software installation directory. The default value is “C: Program Files (x86) Virtual Safe Professional.
  3. Click Browse to customize the installation location.
  4. Wait a moment to complete the software installation.
  5. Then replace “VirtualSafe Professional.exe” in the crack folder with installation directory to complete crack.

Virtual Safe Professional  Activation Keys;

  • SDF35-HJ4JY-JH6BR-ET48Y-K986T
  • DSGRE-T564U-6RJYU-TI865-YTI65

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