Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key Generator Free Download

Do you run Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key Generator authentic or licensed on your PC? Are you using all Windows 8 features? If your answer is no, you’re lucky to read this article because with an activation key; it allows you to upgrade for free. Buying a Windows key is undoubtedly expensive, and no one in student life can afford to buy it, so in this case, the working license key is helpful. To proceed with the installation, the desired product key must be entered after installing the Windows. If you can’t find a genuine key, activating windows with a working product key is good news for you.

Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key is important to realize that the Start screen is no more Windows 8 than the Start menu in Windows 7 or Windows XP. The screen exists as an application launch pad, not as a replacement desktop. This concept is easy to forget, as the whole display is occupied by the Start screen. Even so, the entire screen is consumed by Windows 8 apps, while desktop apps can still run in a desktop window.

HOW DO YOU GET Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key Download?

You may be able to get a free upgrade to Windows 8 from Microsoft if you run a genuine copy of Windows 7 on your PC. You may need to buy a copy of Windows and pay the license fee otherwise. The activation key for your Windows 8 Home Basic Product will be included in the purchase. If you are eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8, this is how to do it.

Run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Run the Windows Upgrade Assistant on your PC The Windows Upgrade Assistant will determine the hardware of your PC. You will be asked to download updated files if your PC meets the minimum system requirements.


A product key for Windows 8 Home BasicĀ  Download is a 25-character code used by Microsoft to activate your Windows copy. You won’t be able to activate your operating system if you don’t have a serial key. The serial key looks like this: PRODUCT KEY: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX If you purchased Windows, the activation key for Windows 8 Pro should be inside the DVD / CD box. You should have received your key in an email if you purchased it online as downloadable software. Just download and install an essential finder program (here) if you can’t find it. Run the Windows essential retrieval program.


Indeed, all of the keys mentioned above work. If any of the key entered doesn’t work, try another one because another user may have used that key. Remember that only one PC will use a retail product key. You will undoubtedly find a working core of 100 percent.

As with Windows 8 Home Key Generator Free Download, Microsoft has chosen to leave the Windows 8 desktop bare. Since the old-style Start menu is not available, you may want to add the system and user file icons by right-clicking the desktop and selecting the Personalize menu. You can pin them to the Windows 8 Start screen after you have added these two icons.

Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key




Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key Generator Free Download




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Windows 8 Home Basic Product Key Generator Free Download
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