Windows 8 Professional Product Key Activation Serial Code free 64 Bit

Windows 8 Professional Product Key Activation Serial Code free 64 Bit

Any Windows 8 Professional Product Key is usually a serial code of 25 characters used by the company to validate its product and the purchase by the user. It is almost unlikely that a genuine copy of Windows OS will be activated without a working product key, but there are tricks and ways in this post to activate Windows 8 for other pirated version of Windows OS. You can typically find the activation key in the Windows 8 OS DVD / CD purchase box. On your registered e-mail, you should also have received the same activation key. Several software programs are available online to help you find the lost serial keys. If your purchase is not legal, however, and you have downloaded and installed.

If all you need to do is start an application, in the Start screen, you can just click on its tile. You need to access the desktop if you need robust file management and navigation features. After booting the machine, you will be sent to the desktop by pressing the Windows 8 Professional Activation Serial Code 64 Bit. Unfortunately, in this behavior, the Windows key is not consistent: if you are in an app, always pressing the Windows key returns you to the Start screen. You’re in the latest Windows 8 app, push it again. Instead, you need to be in the habit of pressing Windows-D to move consistently to the desktop. Another option is to move the pointer to the bottom left of the screen and click on it (although it only works if this method is used).

What’s New :

    • Activating the product is essential for unlocking the premium features of Windows 8 OS.
    • To enable Windows 8 with a Windows 8 serial key, follow the steps below
    • Locate My Computer in the Start menu and right-click it to open the Properties dialog box.
    • Find the option Windows Activate Now, enter the code of 25 characters and follow the instructions on the screen.
    • If the first win of 8 product key fails, try by trial and error the other product keys.
    • Complete the process by restarting your computer.

While we guarantee that all of the Windows 8 activation key mentioned here is verified and working 100 percent,

  • it may be the issue of incompatible hardware or corrupt download file. You can do that in such cases


You will be asked for a product key when you try to install Windows 8. Unless you provide a product key for Windows 8 Pro, you can not proceed with the installation. But you may not have any idea what a key to a product is or how to get one. Don’t worry, we’ve covered you up. If you don’t have a Windows 8 Pro key, installing and activating Windows may be impossible. The good news is you can get a key

System requirements for installing Windows 8

  • It is best to check Windows system requirements before entering Windows 8 product key for complete installation.
  • We mention the system requirements required for a modern operating system.
  • To install Windows 8 optimally, you can enter a product key.
  • The minimum space of the hard disk must be 20 GB.
  • built or dedicated, DirectX9 graphics card is supported.
  • GHz processor RAM 2 GB RAM

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Windows 8 Professional Activation Serial Code




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Windows 8 Professional Product Key Activation Serial Code free 64 Bit
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