EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+ Activator Free Download

EventSentry light allows you to monitor IP-based devices such as routers, switches, and LinuxBSD machines using PING, TCP, and SNMP. The built-in ARP tracking feature can detect and track new network devices. Here covers event logging, network faults and trends, and security issues that need to be fixed. We found it very useful in root cause analysis and network troubleshooting. The support staff is excellent, and you can’t recommend them! In addition to the simple version that can be downloaded here, there is also a full version that requires payment. The related EventSentry presentation can be downloaded from the link. You can find a comparison of the features of the two versions. One of the critical benefits of EventSentry over Windows Event Viewer is that you can easily monitor event logs on multiple computers. Besides, EventSentry Light has other monitoring features. For example, it supports environmental monitoring (temperature, motion, etc.), tracking of manufacturer-produced log files, and checking system status. You can use the latter feature to monitor the availability, performance, and disk space of Windows services or processes.

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+ Activator Free Download

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+ Activator Free Download



EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Light Crack is the official successor to the free version of EventwatchNT and EventSentry. This allows administrators to send event log messages via email. The free version allows you to specify a filter condition to limit notifications to the selected (or all) events based on EventID, category, and keywords. You can choose text or HTML emails, set time and data limits, and more. The product is rich in service. You can customize email alerts to notify you in real-time of various issues, such as a broken hard drive, and set it to send it to the right participants. In addition to event monitoring, The Windows event log is the first place to check for problems with a Windows computer. However, it is more important that you always keep an eye on the event log to ensure that you are immediately aware of any issues that occur and whether Windows or applications have entered individual states that need to be notified.EventSentry Light 4.1.1 keygen also includes essential network monitoring features with ping and TCP connections and supports hardware monitoring. For example, you can monitor changes to USB storage devices or S.M.A.R.T. hard disk status. Heart rate monitoring, Syslog monitoring, SNMP, etc. Provide. We are an organization that must comply with HIPAA standards, and pre-defined HIPAA reports will help us. The price is perfect. The staff is amicable and helpful. They will respond via email soon, and I have managed to call someone who will call. If you need help, they are very good at communication and resolution. We have tried another SIEM system in the past, but it has been difficult for it to work appropriately to meet our needs and has not provided the features provided by EventSentry. They also didn’t offer the level of customer service we received through EventSentry, but to be fair, no other company offers such excellent support.


Management console:
Install the console used to configure the EventSentry installation
Automatic operation:
After logging in, the management console starts automatically in the taskbar area
Agent MSI template:
EventSentry Light 4.1.1 license file Installation template that can be used to deploy the EventSentry agent using Active Directory or other software installation methods
Monitoring agent:
This is the main control element for monitoring Windows-based computers
Heart rate monitor:
Install a central heart rate monitor to ensure the regular operation of remote devices (including routers and switches). It is usually installed on a single host on the network.
Install a desktop widget that displays a summary of performance. The network report must be installed on the network.
Web report:
Install the ASP files required to run the web report.
To configure IIS:
Configure the virtual EventSentry directory on the local IIS installation. If IIS is not installed locally, you must rerun Setup on the host on which IIS is installed.
Configure the MSSQL database:
Create and initialize the EventSentry database on a local or remote Microsoft SQL Server system.
Install the MS Access database:
Install the local Access database. Only using the Access database is recommended for testing or minimal settings.


EventSentry Light Crack+ Activation Key Free Download

What’s New:

  • Heartbeat Agent: If you stop trying the SNMP query, just disable the host SNMP query. It needs to be checked
  • Heartbeat (light): solved the problem of incorrect agent state


  • Useful.
  • We spent several weeks trying to use open-source tools such as Security Onion, Syslog, and system uptime monitoring,
  • finally looking for products that were easy to configure/understand.
  • EventSentry is much cheaper than other non-open source systems and has more features than we expected.


  • The console interface isn’t the most intuitive interface I’ve ever seen. Still, once you understand the system by quickly reading this manual,
  • you can easily get started and take full advantage of the system. If I hate reading the manual like others, I know it can cause a temporary problem.


Supported All Windows

How to crack

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EventSentry Light 4.1.1  Activator:

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